DOC provides policy advice and service to Ministers and to a range of statutory bodies.

The Department of Conservation strives to provide effective policy advice and service to Ministers and to a range of statutory and advisory bodies for which it is responsible.

DOC also provides direction and guidance to and from conservation managers and communities, in keeping with the National Parks Act 1980, Conservation Act 1987, Reserves Act 1977 and other conservation legislation.

DOC services the New Zealand Conservation Authority, the 14 regional conservation boards, the Nature Heritage Fund Committee and the Nga Whenua Rahui Komiti.

DOC provides services to the Guardians of Lake Manapouri, Monowai and Te Anau and the Guardians of Lake Wanaka, who report to ministers on the welfare of the lakes, which are used for power generation.  Also the Titi (Muttonbird) Islands Komiti, the Taupo Fishing Advisory Committee and some reserve boards established under the Reserves Act.

The QEII National Trust and the NZ Fish & Game Council and the 12 regional Fish & Game Councils are statutory bodies which report to the Minister of Conservation but are not serviced by DOC. They have their own staff. The Director-General of Conservation can attend and speak at meetings of the QEII Board and the NZ Fish & Game Councils.

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